The ADHD Challenge of Saying No

dna ball <strong>sensory<\/strong> fidget toys adhd autism special needs therapy” style=”max-width:430px;float:right;padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;border:0px;”>”Half from the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too rapidly and not saying no thanks in no time.” ~Josh Billings</p>
<p>Sometimes I feel immense pressure to complete things I don’t want to complete. Other people’s priorities end up being my priorities and after that I wonder why I have a problem with overwhelm. For some reason there will be lots of things I should do. Or things I should want to do. Or things people expect me to  addition as to the I have to perform or want to do. Whether it’s because I want to become liked, considered competent, like to have many interesting projects going in the past, or perhaps because I said “no” last time, there’s tremendous pressure to give into others’s requests, and say “yes”.</p>
<p>Having ADHD implies that chances are that I have let someone down previously and I don’t want to complete that again. I tend to convey “yes” so I can make it up in their mind, uncertain once the inconsistency of my brain might interfere. Or I forget that I have focused on doing two other “some things.” Remembering to utilize, not to mention check a planner, takes constant vigilance. I have discovered that personally, checking out a couple of things at a time is doable,  sensory toys australia (<a ( we call that multi-tasking…right? Three is merely “crazy” and will have me completely paralyzed. And then there is certainly the undeniable fact that I enjoy creating a full and varied life.

To be honest, it also is a fairly new idea in my experience that saying “no” is OK. That saying “no” does not mean I am unfriendly, unsocial, not “good” or otherwise not a team player, or otherwise competent. This difficulty setting boundaries, being OK with saying no thank you is really a challenge many adults with ADHD face.

It’s OK to state “no.”

Today I invite you to join me in remembering it’s OK to say no, and our universe (or other folks’s worlds) won’t falter because of it.

• Say: “No” if your plate has already been full.

• Say: “Let me check my calendar and get to you.”

• Say: “I’d like to me get back to you later.”

• Say: “I’d want to, these days is not a good can we reschedule?”

• Say: “I will be happy to complete you a I can.”

• Say: “Can I have a rain check?”

• Say no if you would rather relax than step out – or head out as opposed to remain in. Only we realize whenever we have to recharge and take care of ourselves.

• Say no – even when an element of you feels a little guilty regarding it. Feeling guilty means we’re stuck between certain things that are vital that you us- like wanting to help others, but having to care for current responsibilities. There are always going to be requests. I like to be asked. Sometimes I’ll be capable to help; sometimes I won’t.

• Say no because you don’t possess time.

• Say no even without having a detailed excuse-“This isn’t the right fit personally” is perfectly valid.

• And perhaps the hardest, refuse in the event you change your mind, even if you’ve already said yes.

When we say “no” it means were honoring another thing that is equally crucial that you us. It also gives another individual the opportunity to state “yes”. Believe it or otherwise, it is likely another individual can help. Being OK with saying no, setting boundaries, we can manage our personal needs and really be able to provide fully next time in the event it works well with us to convey “yes”.